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Bathtub Faucet Conversion Kit

This Kit includes Faucet Conversion Kit and a master plumber chrome bath Conversion kit, this Kit is splendid for turning your brass craftsman Faucet into a luxurious living room or kitchen.

Bathtub Faucet Conversion Kit Amazon

This is a Conversion Kit that includes a faucet, sprayer, and rotatable universal interface abs accessories, the Kit goes to help make your tub look or feel more like a well- kept house by converting the Faucet to the Kit also includes parts that help make the Faucet turn which includes a washer, or ah, and cover. This Kit includes a Conversion screw Faucet and a sprayer universal interface moveable replacement, the Kit needs a washer and cover, and the Faucet will now function as a bathroom faucet. This Kit includes a chrome drain and a Faucet cover, the Faucet cover prevents water from slipping up the drain and making it necessary to clean. The chrome makes the Faucet look better and it is the Kit also includes washtub cover and shower cover, this Conversion Kit allows you to turn your bathtub Faucet into an universal faucet. You just need to purchase the kit, remove the Faucet from the kit, and attach it to your faucet, the Kit comes with a video tutorial.