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Delta Bathtub Faucet Handle Replacement

This short Faucet Handle Replacement kit for Delta bathroom and kitchen items includes 2 parts - a black and white version and a green and black version, the black and white version is for left hand side and the green and black version is for right hand side. Both parts are quality made and fit the Delta to bathroom and kitchen items.

Delta Bathtub Faucet Handle Replacement Ebay

This handgrip replaced the old one and looks great! The new Delta bath tub Handle imparts a new design with a sleek brushed nickel finish, this new Handle is about 20% heavier than the old one and provides a black wire brush for taking care of soap water. The Handle also gives a black handlebar and a guide notch for basic on off, this is a clear knob that needs to be replaced for a Delta tub and shower faucet. The Handle needs to be removed the top and then the knob needs to be inserted into the handle, the new Handle will need to be put over the top of the Faucet and then the knob need to be inserted back into the handle. This Handle will fit perfectly and will make it look like the old Handle from the front, the Faucet will now be able to lock into place. This is a Delta bathtub Faucet Handle replacement, you will need the danco oem Faucet handle. It is 88439 Replacement Delta single lever Faucet aa, this Handle is a Replacement for the one that broke and started the Delta bathtub. This Handle is a stainless steel finish and is valuable for this product, the Handle is fabricated from durable materials like stainless steel and plastic.